What type of villa to choose on the French Riviera?

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Buying on the French Riviera is a great idea, but what type of villa should you choose? Although Provençale-style villas are still the most sought-after properties in the area, modern, contemporary homes come close behind. Home- buyers are looking for timeless properties with one-of-a-kind architecture and well-considered exposure. Are you looking for a villa on the French Riviera? 

Riviera Properties Consulting has listed the various types of architecture found on the French Riviera. We’ve used Cap d’Antibes as our example, a peninsula with incredible scenescapes that has attracted renowned architects over the years. 

Provençale style: villas for those who adore the French Riviera atmosphere

It’s difficult to look at French Riviera architectural trends without taking a moment to consider the incredible, unique architecture of Provençale-style villas. These villas, typical of the South of France, all share specific features based on shape, choice of materials and exposure.

As such, Provençale-designed properties stand out with their layout, their colours, always warm hues, and their exterior structure. Stone, plaster and Genoese tiling are inherent to Provençale villas on the French Riviera. These villas, which are generally south-facing, are designed to withstand the heat of summer while offering protection against extreme weather conditions. And, as we all know, the French Riviera is reputed for its sunny, warm nature. Provençale architecture addresses the French Riviera climate particularly well as property interiors and exteriors are totally in tune with it. If you’d like to know what type of villa to choose on the French Riviera, a Provençale-style villa would definitely delight you and ensure you make the most of your summers by the sea.

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Modern, contemporary architecture: villas ensuring your break on the French Riviera will be totally out of this world!

Modern, contemporary properties are among the most sought-after on the French Riviera. These villas are becoming increasingly popular with home-buyers thanks to their premium quality features. French Riviera properties featuring contemporary style offer prestigious, state-of-the-art interiors. Outside, the emphasis is on lifestyle and practicality. The interiors of contemporary French Riviera villas are superbly designed and offer extensive living spaces. But that’s not all! They place the focus on comfort and family life: kitchens that generally open onto large living rooms that, in turn, open onto the outside world, making it easier for people to live together and socialize. Bathrooms are well thought out and designed for your comfort, with large walk-in showers that you can easily enjoy between two swims. Architecturally-speaking, contemporary houses in the South often have flat roofs that offer great ceiling heights and reinforced insulation. With their large bay windows, modern, contemporary villas offer all the brightness you need for your dream summer getaway to the South.

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