The 5 steps to buy your property in Antibes

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This week, let’s discover the 5 key steps involved in buying your property in Antibes. Antibes and its surrounding area boast several exquisite districts where it’s interesting to buy property. A host of beautiful Provençale, Mediterranean and contemporary-style homes are available offering premium features. Would you like to buy an exceptional villa on the French Riviera?

Then follow our guide!

1 – Choosing the area when buying property in Antibes

Among all the districts in Antibes, there is one that stands out incredibly: Cap d’Antibes. This peninsula with its breathtaking scenescapes has been attracting buyers for years. This haven of peace promises those who settle there absolute tranquillity. As its history has shaped it, Cap D’Antibes is characterized by exquisite properties set on large plots of land embracing the surrounding scenery perfectly. As such, the Cap d’Antibes peninsula has the lowest population density along the French Riviera. Its villas are highly-sought after for their peace and quiet but also as the peninsula is close to train stations and Nice – Côte d’Azur International Airport.

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2 – Defining your criteria for buying property in Antibes and its surrounding area

To find the perfect pied-à-terre in Antibes or Cap d’Antibes, you must first list your criteria. At Riviera Properties Consulting, we have several properties on Cap d’Antibes boasting multiple bespoke criteria that will tailor to personal needs. Multi-vehicle garages, games and/or cinema rooms and even a sauna or hammam: each has its own special features. It goes without saying that the criteria of choice may be very precise, especially in the South of France which is a favoured destination all year round. Exposure, interior features, suites, to name but a few, let us know exactly what you desire! Our real estate consultant Olivier Maugery-Pons, specialized in the Cap d’Antibes area, will select only the best properties based on your criteria and will then schedule a visit with you. You save time and have direct access to the villas that suit you.

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3 – Visiting the property

Some home-buyers prefer to look at photos and videos to choose the house of their dreams. However, if you wish to acquire property on the French Riviera, there’s nothing better than visiting a dwelling beforehand. By visiting a villa, you’ll be immersed in its atmosphere and you’ll be able to picture yourself living there. In the Cap d’Antibes, every villa diffuses its own special energy, has its own special soul that can’t be felt in photos and videos. The sound of Mediterranean waves crashing against the rocks, cicadas chirping merrily and the sea breeze that refreshes us in summer… Each visit offers you a glimpse of all the incredible moments you can delight in there.

4 – The offer to purchase 

Once you’ve found your favourite properties, we’ll discuss the technical and administrative aspects inherent to its purchase. This fine-tunes your selection one last time until you find your ideal property. Can’t make your mind up between two properties? Well, we can arrange another visit to help you make the right choice. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to make an offer to the current owner. No problem! With Riviera Properties Consulting, your real estate consultant Oliver Maugery-Pons is on hand to help you.

5 – The sale: buying your property in Antibes 

Once your offer has been accepted and the bill of sale signed, you are now officially the owner of your villa in Antibes! To help you find your way around your new town and neighbourhood, Olivier Maugery-Pons will be by your side to give you the best addresses in the area and answer any questions you may have concerning your property.

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