Selling your villa in Antibes: instructions

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If you’re thinking about selling your villa in Antibes and/or Cap d’Antibes, there are several key things to know before you begin. Olivier Maugery-Pons, your real estate consultant on Cap d’Antibes, gives you some advice to sell your villa in Antibes easily and quickly.

Selling your villa in Antibes: buyers guaranteed on the French Riviera

Home- buyers on the French Riviera are queuing up to find outstanding villas. Every property comes with its own special features: heated pool, sea view, lush vegetation, etc. The Cap d’Antibes peninsula’s prime location appeals greatly thanks to its low population density. It’s one of the few places along the coast to enjoy sumptuous expanses of greenery that invite those who live there to enjoy a haven of peace. So, it goes without saying that the exquisite villas along this stretch of Riviera coastline are highly-sought after by buyers. And there’s definitely something for everyone! Ever since the first foundation stones were laid, Cap d’Antibes has been a favourite place for renowned architects who’ve been honoured to imagine outstanding villas. These properties boast an array of architectural styles ensuring everyone will find their heart’s content for a getaway on the French Riviera.

Selling your villa in Antibes: the property market in 2023

If you’re planning on selling your villa in 2023, the time is ripe! The value of properties is increasing in value year after year in Antibes. Especially in Cap d’Antibes, where exceptional villas and properties are becoming increasingly rare to acquire given this peninsula’s prime location. In the town of Antibes, property prices have risen sharply over the past 3 years, with no less than a 17% increase in the going rate. If you wish to sell your villa in Antibes, 2023 is perfect for making substantial capital gain.

Are you thinking about selling your villa in Antibes? Well, get in touch with our sector specialist, Olivier Maugery-Pons. As Olivier is in permanent contact with lots of buyers, he’ll promote your villa to ensure you can sell it easily, quickly and for the right price. The extra little something? Home-buyers are carefully selected ensuring you sell with total peace of mind and hand over the keys to a new owner who shares the same values as you.

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Selling your villa in Antibes: highlighting your property’s key merits

When you purchased your property, do you remember the “wow” factor that made you choose this villa? To sell your villa easily and quickly in Antibes, you need to focus on your property’s key merits. Exposure, interior and exterior features, surrounding scenescapes, architectural design, etc. Dwellings along the French Riviera boast incredible assets. On Cap d’Antibes, home-buyers are looking for exceptional properties that will meet their needs during their many stays on the coast. Every villa has a couple of prime features that stand out and address market expectations. To know which merits you should promote, why not call on our property specialist Olivier Maugery-Pons? Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of real estate in Antibes and Cap d’Antibes, Olivier will be able to find your villa’s “wow” factors that will be sure to seduce potential buyers.

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